"World" ​album now available!  

The brilliant new Madder Lake album "WORLD" was mainly recorded in bass player Kerry McKenna's studio "Mission Control" in Ashburton Melbourne and was arranged and produced by keyboard player Andy Burns.
Occasionally the band would head out to record at Brenden's studio, or Andy's, or even Joe Hiltz's drum room, but then it was always back to Mission Control to mix down. 
In a manner suited to all members busy musical lives the band managed to keep up a regular meeting on a wednesday night where the songs were built from the ground up.
From the quirky angst ridden title track "World" the album moves through the hard rocking dance single "Bad Lands" before the gritty and crusty "Didn't Understand Me" brings back the angst.
The next song "Dreaming" is an archetypal Madder Lake song with a big catchy riff and a hangdog vocal. 
A respectful nod to the style of John Lennon is "Please Please" a desperate plea for a little belief.
"Hospital of Love" is one man's need for some love treatment. It takes influences from silent movie theatres and those flickery dialogue cards with the scary chords.


Things go dark and heavy with the orchestral sounds of "Heavy Weather" where the ups and downs of living together are as raw as now.
Then finally comes the funky groove of "Calling" a song about the inner search for deeper meaning and the existential crisis of living in Australia in the 21st century.