During the making of this album, Madder Lake endured line-up changes, unforeseen delays, health scares,  countless hours of recording and mixing,  a dog as executive producer, and a whole lot of sleep deprivation ...all the standard things a band goes through trying to produce an album.
Mushroom Records first ever signees Madder Lake  first recorded in 1973, releasing their debut album “Stillpoint” to rave reviews and a gold record. They then  followed up with  “Butterfly Farm” in1975 and cemented their name in Australian  rock history.
Thirty years later a series of  concert and festival gigs re-ignited the band  and  they resumed regular Wednesday evening jamming and recording sessions at Kerry's bunker studio.

With so many songs written but not yet released, the decision was made to have a go at  the  third album...

The bulk of the recording was done at Kerry's studio in Melbourne, although they sometimes used Brenden’s, Andy’s or Joe Hiltz's studios for certain things. The initial plan was to have “World” album recorded within a year...this was not to happen.

Andy who'd joined the band in 2008 took on the role of album producer/ engineer and arranger.

The title track "World" was recorded first with it's big riffs and heartfelt lyrics and was the touch -stone song  that inspired the band and set the standard  for the rest of the  album.

The next recordings were  two songs that had been  performed live, "Hospital of Love" and "Calling".

By the end of 2010 they had recorded about half the album and appeared to be relatively on track.   But then in March 2011 Mick suffered a heart attack.

At this stage they were trying to create new songs that suited Mick's style. The hard rocking “Badlands” written by Brenden and Andy and originally sung by Andy  was an obvious choice. In May 2011 Mick returned and started overdubbing his version of the lead vocals.  

By August 2011 "Badlands" had been recorded with Mick and the remaining vocal recordings on the other songs continued.

In July 2011 Jac retired and was replaced by Luke McKinnon on drums (John McKinnon's son). Another series of live performances was really tightening up the new songs from “World” but then Mick suffered a second heart attack and needed to recuperate.

The band through necessity then found that small groups of them could continue to write and record, so the regular meetings continued, with the three core members contributing layer upon layer to the album.  

During the period of Mick’s absence, the gritty sound of "Didn't Understand Me" sung by Kerry and the deep orchestral sounds of “Heavy Weather” sung by Andy came to fruition. "Didn't Understand Me" had come in the same mode as "World",  based on a demo recording done by Kerry.

"Heavy weather" was given it's huge orchestral string arrangement by Andy. Lyrics were written  by Andy Brenden and Luke. 

In October 2011 John McKinnon re-joined the band and from Nov to Feb contributed several  sessions of fantastic vocal harmonies.   Throughout March 2012 Luke recorded many of the drum tracks at Joe Hiltz's  drum studio.

Someone suggested that a blues harp solo would suit "Badlands" . Old buddy Mike Rudd of Spectrum fame came immediately to mind. He agreed and in May 2012 added his brilliant harp to "Badlands" and "Calling."   

In September 2012 just as Andy was beginning mixing, Mick announced his retirement from the band.  

In October good friend Neale Johns from Blackfeather contributed his artistry to the album. His powerful voice can be heard on" Badlands", "Please Please" and "Calling".  

So by the end of 2012 they were nearly ready to release their hot new album to an unsuspecting audience. Meanwhile Andy and Kerry had created a new Madders website for "World" downloads.

You're there right now :-).

One of the unsung heroes of "World" is  the band mascot Meiko. He's Andy’s Japanese Spitz and one hell of a dog.  He attended (and supervised) every recording session.  

"World" has been a long hard process for the band but they loved persevering and finally capturing a classic  new Madder Lake  album.

Sit back and enjoy  their  “World”.

Madder Lake would like to thank:

Meiko, Mike Rudd, Neale Johns, Hilary, Jessica, Indie & Luca, Adele, Karen, Joe Hiltz, Lance & Dean, Helene, Ridley & Estelle, Debbie, John from FAD, Brian, and Mischa.

Also all the past members of the band: Jac Kreemers, Andy Cowan, Ian Holding, Drak, Tony Lake, Colin Setches, and Mick Fettes.